DCI Membership Benefits Offered to Save Our Screens Participants

As a nonprofit membership organization, our members are our most valuable resource in an ongoing exchange of information and ideas to build and sustain Colorado’s communities. Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) is comprised of a diverse membership base of organizations, state agencies, local governments, businesses and individuals working toward revitalizing the downtowns, commercial districts, and town centers across the state to rebuild the economy, promote sense of community, and advance a higher quality of life for Colorado residents, businesses, and property owners. Get involved with Downtown Colorado, Inc. today to discover the wealth of benefits to your organization or business!

Independent Movie Theaters

Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) is committed to assisting in building the capacity of locally owned movie theaters to support the local community’s opportunities for gathering, conducting business, and promoting culture and arts. No other organization can expose you to so many downtown revitalization, business, financing professionals, and resources. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to network with other independent movie theaters throughout the state, and gain valuable knowledge that can help you maximize the work you are already doing for your theater and community.

Here’s how we provide maximum value for your limited membership funds:

  • Educational Events & Scholarships: Learn from national and regional experts, and maximize your networking opportunities by attending training at any or all of our 16 annual educational events. Registration and travel scholarships are available for eligible applicants. (Includes discounted registration to the Colorado Entrepreneurship MarketPlace in Spring 2014 http://www.ruralcolorado.org/Colorado-Entrepreneurship-Marketplace)
  • Training:  Gain continued access to DCI resources, including access to business and nonprofit training opportunities.
  • Networking & Mentoring: Learn from downtown revitalization, business, and financing professionals with a variety of expertise and a wealth of experience. Participate in a peer network of statewide theater owners to exchange best practices and challenges.
  • Members-Only Resource Library: Gain access to valuable downtown revitalization resources and materials specifically aimed at supporting independent movie theaters, including relevant local case studies, and various training materials for independent movie theaters.
  • Members-Only Groups: Utilize DCI’s Independent Movie Theater online group to facilitate communication and network with other theater owners, professionals and organizations involved with Save Our Screens. Online groups are a great resource to share stories, events, ideas, and provide a continued focus on developing publications and materials that link theaters to resources, contacts, and successful models.

Membership Rate:

Independent Movie Theaters, $195

DCI is offering all Independent Movie Theaters involved in Save Our Screens a one year complimentary membership!


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