Community Funded Partnership Dates and Deadlines

DCI is aggressively working toward a November 30th campaign launch date, to coincide with Small Business Saturday, a natural fit for Colorado’s small theaters and their fundraising goals. While time is short, you can still join in the state-wide campaign. Our state-wide platform on will allow your theater to have an individual crowd-funding presence that can take advantage of our PR and awareness efforts.

Theaters that choose to join in on the campaign will receive PR support from partners that includes:

  • Inclusion in and use of a short SOS campaign video built from video clips and photos contributed by partner theaters;
  • Access to press releases and media pitches developed by WildRockPR AND sent to their media lists;
  • Assistance from WildRock PR in developing an effective crowd-funding page;
  • Assistance in reaching out to community partners to build direct “first level” contacts;
  • Cooperative social media outreach to drive and build traffic to SOS Crowd Funding Campaign site and down to individual theater campaign sites;
  • Involvement in the aggressive outreach and PR efforts to traditional and social media campaign conducted by DCI and WildRock PR to support the SOS state-wide campaign.

Nine theaters to date have been working with DCI to share resources and provide input for the development of the campaign strategy and timeline. Participating theaters include both SOS Grant recipients as well as those that were not eligible for funds. Local campaigns are being developed by theaters to raise funds for digital conversion, screen upgrades, maintenance for neglected areas, and other theater improvements that help compliment recent digital upgrades.

Dates of importance over the coming days for participating theaters. (The following steps should be started on the date specified. It may seem overwhelming, but keep in mind that once the initial set-up phase is completed, things will settle down!)

Wednesday, November 20 (TODAY!):

  • Set up your platform on; send us your pictures of your theater, events at the theater, people gathered in and around your theater and goofy, fun loving pictures of people truly enjoying their community theater to help build that personal touch!
  • Develop profile page content
  • Develop rewards program for campaign backers
  • Use resources provided by DCI and WildRock to develop Social Media Strategy

Friday, November 22:

  • Create local media contact list
  • Develop list of partners and vendors to support your campaign
  • Identify key influencers in community
  • Develop email contact list
  • Identify community events occurring during campaign and try to get involvement at some level

A full list of dates and deadlines has already been sent out to partner theaters who have already committed to involvement in the SOS Crowd-Funding Campaign. If you would like more information on the campaign and how to join the effort, contact the DCI office at 303/282-0625 or at


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