DCI to Launch Crowdfunded Campaign

Earlier this month DCI laid out a plan to take a state-wide umbrella approach to help raise funds to support the efforts of the Save Our Screens initiative. CommunityFunded.com is providing the platform for DCI’s crowdfunded marketing effort. By entering into this partnership, DCI will be able to link all of its social networking efforts, on-line outreach and media publicity regarding the SOS initiative to a crowd funding site that also allows for individual theaters to have a virtual presence that allows for direct fundraising to their local campaigns.

Currently, DCI is building the foundation for a full campaign. As grant applicants are contacted this week DCI is asking for them to share information regarding contact lists, general marketing and social networking efforts and gathering the things that make these theaters special such group employee photographs and individual theater history. All of this is aimed at building the list of endorsers that will eventually become contributors once the on-line fundraising phase begins in early November. While the majority of theaters that will participate are expected to be SOS Grant Awardees, ineligible SOS Grant Applicants as well as theaters who did not apply to the grant program are able to participate in this fundraising opportunity as well. If you have contact lists you would like to share or want more information on how to participate in the CommunityFunded partnership send an email to the coordinator of the SOS initiative.

Information is coming together almost daily on this crowd funding program so again, remember to like our SOS Facebook page to keep getting up to the minute information. Also keep an eye out for DCI’s new page on its site with more up to date information on the progress of SOS and links to partners and resources.


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